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Camping Equipment1-4 Days
1-4 Days
Add a day
Sleeping Bag 20°
(North Face)
$ 7.00$10.00$ 2.00
Foam sleeping pad$ 2.00$ 3.00$ 1.00
Backpacking Tent
2 person (North Face)
$10.00$12.00$ 2.00
Backpacking Pack
(North Face)
$ 8.00$10.00$ 2.00
Children's Back packing
Pack (Osprey)
$ 5.00$ 6.00$ 2.00
Backpacking Stove
(MSR Pocket Rocket)
$ 3.00$ 4.00$ 1.00
Cook pot (1.6 liter)$ 2.00$ 3.00$ 2.00
Trowel$ 1.00$ 1.00$ 3.00
5-gallon water container$ 2.00$ 3.00 
Climbing Gear   
Climbing helmet$ 2.00$ 4.00$ 1.00
Climbing shoes$ 5.00$ 6.00$ 2.00
Backcountry Safety Gear   
Gila Forest Map
(maps for sale too)
$ 2.00$ 2.00n/a
Compass$ 1.00$ 1.00$ 1.00
Spot™ Beacon$ 5.00$10.00$ 2.00
GPS$ 5.00$10.00$ 2.00
OP Membership Guidelines
If you are an active WNMU student, you could benefit by becoming an OP Member. You have the option of paying a $20 monthly membership fee or getting a semester pass for $40. Membership covers the cost of any gear you borrow! Want to become a member? SIGN UP ONLINE NOW!
  • Equipment can be reserved in person or over the phone during open hours.
  • You cannot reserve or rent equipment for anyone else.
  • Cancellations or changes less than 3 days before pickup are not eligible for refund or credit.
  • Reservations changed or cancelled more than 3 days before pick-up day will not receive a refund but will receive a full credit to be used toward a future rental or trip.
  • No refunds for equipment not picked up.
  • The renter is responsible for inspecting the equipment and seeing that it is in complete, safe and satisfactory condition.
  • Renters use all equipment at their own risk and have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the inherent risks involved in using the gear they borrow.
Payment and Deposit:
  • Any WNMU student, staff, faculty or alumni may rent equipment without a deposit.
  • General public may rent equipment with a valid government issued ID and credit card number on file.
  • Full payment required at time of rental.
  • All gear borrowed is to be returned clean, dry and in the same condition that it was issued.
  • Return of equipment generally requires 15-30 minutes so that we can check for cleanliness and damage. Please be prepared for this procedure.
  • Equipment returned late will be subject to an additional 1-4 day rate, plus $10.00 late fee!
  • If you fail to return equipment, a hold will be placed on your student account and you will be charged for the gear.
  • There is a $10 per item charge for each item that we must clean; this includes cook pots, tents and sleeping bags.
  • DO NOT wash your sleeping bag before you return it. Shake it out and hang it to dry in the sun.
Damage or loss:
  • You are responsible for the full costs of repair or replacement if gear is damaged, lost, or stolen. See repair/replacement cost below.
  • Damages may include: lost tent stakes, bent or broken poles, tears, holes, damaged zippers, dents, scrapes, broken straps, and/or missing parts.
Compression, Sack$20.00
Stuff, Sack$10.00
Tent, bag$18.00
Tent, pole (whole set)$65.00
Tent, rainfly$65.00
Tent, body$140.00
Tent, stakes$12.00
2 person tent$210.00
Plastic groundcloth$10.00
Sleeping bag 20°$200.00
Sleeping pad$40.00
Internal frame backpack (adult)$250.00
Internal frame backpack (child)$150.00
Backpack stove $45.00
Cook pot$35.00
USFS Gila National Forest map$10.00